JSC "Immo-invest"

Kaunakiemio str. 40,

LT-44332 Kaunas

Phone.: +370 610 43043


Code.: 166100924

VAT: LT661009219

JAR Reg. 006927

Bank.: LT81 7300 0100 7461 5363


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Joint Stock Company "Immo-Invest" was found in 2002. The Company title comes from the Latin word immobilis (motionless, immobile) – its our work and knowledge investment into qualitative and reliable retention of real estate adapted to current requirements, construction and defects removal from it.

The main company,s activity is:
  • trade in specialized construction products;
  • consultations;
  • specialized construction works;

Main activities' fields:

  • flashing / injection;
  • concrete maintenance / protective coatings;
  • restoration

You may familiarize with our proposed solutions, executed objects and works performed in this website.