JSC "Immo-invest"

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Code.: 166100924

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Concrete repair is necessary when the buildings which components are concrete or ferroconcrete because of the production spoilage, in appropriative usage or environmental conditions looses aesthetic look or static function. It must be understood as concrete or ferroconcrete durability and functional recovery and which requires substantial technical knowledge and understanding of materials.

Concrete is unstable building material. It is negatively affected by many internal and external factors. These factors become more and more dangerous when we speak about reinforced concrete. At the presence of different nature effects different methods of concrete reconstruction must be applied.

The main stages of concrete repair:

  • preparing the ground
  • anti-corrosion coating of armature
  • concrete surface roconstruction
  • protection from harmful influences

Taking into consideration the level of damages, existing environmental conditions stating what qualities the concrete must gain the most effective and economic reconstruction type is chosen.

JSC "Immo-Invest" represents German company TPH-Bausysteme GmbH and Austrian company Rofix AG and can therefore offer a wide range of production for concrete repair and protection works which may be applied for different industrial branches.