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Injection as a term in construction field must be realized as thick materials' injection into cavities and cracks in the premises or grounds in order to fill them, reinforce or waterproof..

Water pouring through the leaking joints in concrete, foundation blocks or the cracks to the inside of cellar or underground parking makes much trouble for the building owners. Usual applying isolation from inside often is only the temporary solution of the problem, postponing it for the later time. We assure long-term tightness even in dynamically exposed buildings while injecting elastomeric tars to leak locations using special technique with the high pressure support. We may ensure it with the help of our experience because the first objects were injected ten years ago.

Air and water enter though every crack in ferroconcrete construction. In the crack's place armature is not protected by alkaline concrete medium and as the result of it begins to corrode and this significantly shortening construction's life. In accordance with EU norms >0,2 mm width crack is considered dangerous for the structure. In order to fill in such cracks we can inject low viscosity duromeric tars or mineral suspensions which not only fill in the crack but also stick the structure. Cracked lintels, columns, floor structures are often occurring cases requiring a reliable adhesion in full width of the crack and that is guaranteed only by a professionally conducted injection.

Moisture rising by the capillary depleting finishing layers of the buildings plinth part also may be blocked with the help of injection. As it is known, the damp wall has significantly lower thermal resistance and forms a very favorable medium for growth of various fungus and mould. Subject to many factors we suggest for the solution of this problem injections with the hydrostructural tar or micro emulsions. They are often combined with the injections of limy solutions in order to fill in all cavities and cracks.

In addition to the above mentioned most frequent cases we may also offer more complicated ground stabilization, isolation behind the wall, suspension of the under pressure water, brick walls in entire area sealing and other works accomplished with the help of injection.

Referring to long years experience we have all necessary equipment to accomplish all types and manner injections. In Lithuania we represent the largest injection equipment manufacturer, German Company DESOI GmbH, professional injection materials producing companies TPH-Bausysteme GmbH and Wacker AG, because of it we are in lead position in this field in Lithuania.